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I’ve decided to get off the caffeine, completely.

50lb of Fat

Last week we bought a new scale that also measures body fat composition.

Bran Muffins & Orzo

I just finished making bran muffins.

Thinking Food


New Recipes

In our contiuing effort to expand the range of our cooking and baking repertoire, yesterday we fired up the griddle and made a batch of tasty whole wheat buttermilk pancakes.

The griddle was a wedding gift from our friends out west, and a frying pan pales in comparison; four pancackes can fit with room to spare, and the heat is delivered gently and evenly to avoid burning.

Other recent additions to our home-made menu are tabouli (lots of fresh parsley and a fresh lemon taste), salmon loaf (crispy and crusty) and the previously mentioned apple cheddar muffins.

St. Lawrence Market

Toronto is home to one of the best 25 markets in the world (according to <a href=”http://foodandwine.com”>Food & Wine</a> magazine), the <a href=”http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/index.html”>St. Lawrence Market</a>.

Cutting the Grass

I just finished cutting our grass for the first time. A friend of mine, who is moving from a house back to an apartment, gave me his lawn mower as a house-warming gift, so all I had to do was pick up some gas, and wait for a dry day. This afternoon seemed like a good time, and the grass-cutting experience seems to have been a success; our lawn is no longer embarrassingly long.

Last night we hosted my sister-in-law’s birthday get-together, which was lots of fun. Some interesting people, mostly a few years younger than me, who brought along with them some music which they consider retro but which I remember from a few years ago. It was nice to see our house filled with people enjoying themselves.

Today being mother’s day, we decided to bake a cake for each of our moms. The recipe was called “Best-Ever Banana Cake”, and it did not lie; the cakes were well-received and, I must say, delicious.

Lunch with Liat

Today we took my parents

New York Cafe

This morning we went for breakfast at the New York Cafe, right around the corner from our place. It


Purim is here, and to celebrate we baked up our first-ever batch of Hamantashen. For those who are unaware, hamantashen are a triangular pastry filled with any one of a variety of items, in our case chocolate chips or apples with nuts, cinnamon and honey.

They came out quite well, although mine were much less professional-looking than the ones Merita expertly formed into neat triangles. Can you guess who made which ones?

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