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Own your on-line presence

I have always agreed that you should own and control your on-line presence, assuming you care about such things. So while there is no issue with using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you are giving up a significant amount of control and ownership if you use those sites as your only presence.

I have (sparsely) maintained a blog since 2001, and I just completed an update to it that includes moving it to my own domain name (kligerman.ca), and rejigging it to add links to all the other places I am active on-line. These changes make it feel much more like a real home for me on the web, and I think it will encourage me to share my thoughts more often. I also added a feed of the posts by others that I think are worth reading–oddly, I have been sharing such posts for years within Google Reader, but for some reason have never shared them elsewhere.


I confess: although I have continued to walk the earth since my last update, I have neglected to update Walking the Earth with the details.

Since returning from North Carolina, life has returned to its usual routine. Merita started teacher

Loose Ends

Wrapping up loose ends before the big weekend begins. Today I bought an extra battery and some more tapes for our digital camcorder, Merita and her sister are putting together the bonbonniers (sp?), and we