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Board Games

Now that our son is three, we have started to play board games with him. Unfortunately, most of the games you find at toy stores range from average to terrible–they tend to be repetative, boring and have little educational value.

Thankfully, there is BoardGameGeek.com. There, you can find reviews and comments on thousands of games, including a ranked list of games for kids. They also revise the recomended ages for games, since the manufacturer isn’t always right. Finally, they have a marketplace, where you can buy games that your local store doesn’t stock, or that are out of print, from other site members. So far I have done this twice with excellent results.

We have three games so far: Cariboo Island, Gulo Gulo, and Go Away Monster. All are excellent, and perfect for preschoolers. They challenge just enough, and have a repeating sequence of play that a three-year-old can learn quickly.

Of course, lots of open-ended toys and unstructured play is important too, but I think it’s great that there are some higher-quality board games available for kids of this age. And check out BoardGameGeek, no matter how old you are.

Studying Again

My CCIE is up for renewal, since it’s been almost two years since my original exam.

CCIE #13999

On Monday I returned to Raleigh, with unfinished business to attend to. Tuesday morning I was back at Cisco

Not Yet

Cisco sent me the result of my exam, and it was not a pass. I have asked them for a remark (which is allowed, but costs $250 unless they find an error that results in the mark being changed to a pass), mostly because of one sectcion in particular that I feel I tested, and was configured correctly, but came back with a low mark. I did quite well on the rest of the exam

The Deal is Done

This morning I awoke at 6am to a seemingly endess succession of wake-up calls and alarm clocks, put in place the night before to ensure I would not oversleep. After a quick but tasty complimentary breakfast at the hotel, I hopped aboard the shuttle which whisked me to the beautifully serene campus of Cisco Systems at Research Triangle Park. Being early, the doors were still locked, and so I waited in the warm morning air, pacing but not overly nervous. Two fellow exam takers arrived soon after, and then the proctor after them.

Walking into the exam room, I felt an odd sense of relief; the long hours of preparation and the more agonizing waiting were over, and all that was left was to sit down at one of the racks of familiar-looking routers and switches in front of me, and make them hum.

Over the next eight hours, plus a brief 20 minutes for lunch, I worked my way through the exam, running into a handful of problems, but solving them in time. One problem prompted me to ask the proctor for assistance, and after a few minutes of his double-checking it turned out to be a simple number conversion mistake that he was kind enough to point out. Another was not so simple, but I believe I came up with at least a partially correct solution. The rest of the questions I believe I solved correctly.

Only time will tell whether I passed, but I shouldn


I write this aboard Air Canada flight 8602 from Toronto to Raleigh, North Carolina. Steady rain is falling in Toronto, and as the plane gained altitude it was a sudden and welcome change to break through the thick, heavy clouds and be surrounded by a perfectly blue sky, the sun shining brilliantly in the distance.

Though I have been anticipating and gearing up for this trip for some time, I feel calm, focused and ready. Early tommorow morning I will make my way to the Cisco Systems office in Research Triangle Park, and use everything I have learned over the past ten years, and immersed myself in over the past month, to meet the challenge presented to me.

Show Time



Third period, we’re up 3-2, they’re coming on strong.

Class Dismissed

After five months and 21 six-hour classes, my Tuesday nights will no longer be spent with a group of knowledge-hungry networking nerds, absorbing every tidbit of routing and switching know-how until the wee hours of the morning.

First Aid

Over two days last week at work, I took a first aid course offered by Saint John Ambulance. I

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