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Cherry Beach

Since Oreo had his rabies vaccination last week, we’re free to take him out in public.


After a disappointing start to the summer weather-wise, it has been a wonderfully warm, sunny weekend.


Cookie had a haircut yesterday at Small Wonders. She looks very different; her hair was very long, knotted and matted, and now it


On January 2nd, the mother of a friend of mine passed away. Last night, Merita and I went to the viewing. It was a powerful experience, and our friend really seemed to appreciate our presence, so I

Cookie & The Evil Drops

As part of Cookie’s recovery from her eye problem, we have to put drops in her eye three times a day.

Cookie the Conehead

Cookie is home! The procedure to repair her eye went well, and I picked her up this morning. She doesn’t look too bad, although she’s pretty groggy from the whole ordeal. I’m sure in a few days she’ll be back to mostly-normal. We have to put drops in her eye several times a day, which should be fun considering she won’t let us near it, but it must be done to prevent infection.

She has to wear a cone on her head for the next while, to prevent her from touching the eye. She keeps trying to sniff the ground and gets stuck, but she’s getting the hang of it.

What a relief that she won’t lose the eye, as long as the recovery goes well.

Cookie the Conehead

Cookie is home!


While she was staying with the pet-care service during the wedding, our dog Cookie developed a problem with one of her eyes.