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Cold and Dark

The ice storm that hit Toronto on Friday and Saturday has left our house without power since Saturday night. It is now Monday night

Ted Cole

Ted Cole, founder and director of Camp Walden for 35 years, passed away earlier this week, after losing a battle with leukaemia.

Cottage Life

With no set schedule, no commitments other than the lake and the paper, cottage life is the ultimate in unwinding and relaxation.

St. Lawrence Market

Toronto is home to one of the best 25 markets in the world (according to <a href=”http://foodandwine.com”>Food & Wine</a> magazine), the <a href=”http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/index.html”>St. Lawrence Market</a>.

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

As I sit sipping my Tim Horton’s coffee, with the Hip and the Ladies in the background, reading the Globe and cooling a two-four of Alexander Keith’s for this afternoon, I am filled with a sense of appreciation for our great country.


We spent the afternoon and evening on Saturday in Stratford. The town is small but quite nice, with lots of little shops and restaurants. After eating a tasty caramel apple and some very tasty chocolate, we shopped around and bought a few pieces of art for our house, all at reasonable prices. Four small pictures for the kitchen are of fat French chefs, and one for the living room is a print of the hebrew blessing said when you are called up to the Torah. All add a nice touch of personality to the house.

In the evening we saw Macbeth, which was excellent.

City Life

Going about our business yesterday, we happened to drive through China Town and Kensington Market, on the way to a downtown park where we met some friends while the dog had a good run. I think it

Goodbye Dearbourne


Skating at the ACC

Tonight I skated at the Air Canada Centre, home of our city’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. One of our customers hosts an anual event which includes a two hour skate followed by a hockey game where the customer faces of against its suppliers.

Unfortunately, only one employee from each supplier is selected to play, and I wasn’t chosen as our representative. This was mostly because the person doing the choosing didn’t realize I was a huge hockey nut. Hopefully we’ll get to go again next year, and hopefully I’ll get to play; it would be amazing to play on the same ice as the pros.

Even so, the skate itself was a thrill. Stepping out on to the perfectly prepared ice, looking up at thousands of empty seats, and experiencing the atmosphere of an NHL rink from the other side of the glass was a great experience.

Skating at the ACC

Tonight I skated at the Air Canada Centre, home of our city’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

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