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Don Cherry is an Entertainer

In case you missed it, Don Cherry wasted no time in offending three former NHL enforcers during his first appearance of the season. Cherry referred to them using colourful language (for prime-time, kid-watched TV), and said directly that the former players were hypocrites for making their careers as enforcers, and then blaming the fighting for their current mental and physical health issues. The players in question all said how offended they were, and are looking into legal action.

Ultimately, what this comes down to is that Don Cherry is an entertainer, and nothing more. He will say whatever he needs to say to draw attention to himself, because that’s what increases his ratings. Cherry has no motivation to be balanced, or to apologize, or even to be rational: expecting him to be or do any of these things is only causing people much frustration.

That is not to say that Cherry should not be held accountable for making false, potentially slanderous statements–he should. Especially if holding him to account ends up limiting his ability to speak further on this topic, since that is really the only thing that will hit him where it counts.

Ironically, the fact that Cherry is an entertainer parallels the enforcer’s reason for existence in the first place: fighting in hockey only exists because NHL hockey is, above all else, entertainment. Those who argue that fighting adds to the sport itself are kidding themselves; if that was the case, why is Olympic or World Junior hockey so great? So in the end, what we are dealing with here are a bunch of entertainers being offended by another entertainer. Yes, one is wrong and the others are right, but seeing them in that context makes them much less about the sport of hockey, and more of a side show to the side show.

Giant Ankle

On Thursday morning I attempted to play tennis for the first time in years. Actually, I have never really played tennis–squash has been my racquet sport of choice. But tennis is outdoors, which is perfect for the spring, and so I gave it a go.

All was going well, and it was lots of fun, until I attempted what would have undoubtably been a very impressive backhand, and ended up rolling over my ankle and spraining it real nicely. Since then, it has been about three times the size of my other ankle, and all kinds of interesting colours.

I can still walk, so I don’t think anything is broken in there. Yeah, that’s my expert medical opinion, which I’m sure is beyond questioning. Today it’s not quite as gigantic as yesterday, and there’s some tingling sensation when I walk. Weird, huh?

So now you are completely up-to-date on the status of my ankle. I don’t know how you would have survived otherwise.

And yeah, as soon as this thing feels better, I’ll be right back on the tennis court, maybe this time with proper shoes. Take that, huge gross ankle!

50lb of Fat

Last week we bought a new scale that also measures body fat composition.

Cisco Symposium

Cisco holds an annual technical symposium in Toronto, and I attended yesterday


Third period, we’re up 3-2, they’re coming on strong.

Howling Wolverines

This summer I’ll be playing hockey with the Howling Wolverines, a team we played against last season. There are a number of players on the team I’ve played with before, and the rest seem like a good bunch. Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to meet them at a team barbeque and scrimmage at the organizer’s home and local rink in Vaughan.

Being up at a new subdivision in the suburbs was a good opportunity to contrast living in a new house farther away with living in an older house, as we do, within the city. When we first started house hunting, we began looking north of the city, but soon decided we preferred to stay within the city’s borders. Both have their advantages, and everyone needs to choose what’s most important to them. For me, spending a couple hours every day in my car is something I am very happy to avoid. And given the neighborhood and house we found, I think we’ve managed to have the best of both worlds.

Howling Wolverines

his summer I’ll be playing hockey with the Howling Wolverines, a team we played against last season.

Skating at the ACC

Tonight I skated at the Air Canada Centre, home of our city’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. One of our customers hosts an anual event which includes a two hour skate followed by a hockey game where the customer faces of against its suppliers.

Unfortunately, only one employee from each supplier is selected to play, and I wasn’t chosen as our representative. This was mostly because the person doing the choosing didn’t realize I was a huge hockey nut. Hopefully we’ll get to go again next year, and hopefully I’ll get to play; it would be amazing to play on the same ice as the pros.

Even so, the skate itself was a thrill. Stepping out on to the perfectly prepared ice, looking up at thousands of empty seats, and experiencing the atmosphere of an NHL rink from the other side of the glass was a great experience.

Skating at the ACC

Tonight I skated at the Air Canada Centre, home of our city’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

Family Hockey Game

On Saturday night we held the first ever (and hopefully annual) Kligerman/Goldhar family hockey game. I rented ice at Rinx for an hour, and a bunch of my cousins and two uncles went out for a skate, and played some shinny. It was lots of fun, and Merita caught it all on digital video, which I plan to edit and put on-line soon.

Today marks the last day of my vacation. It

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