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Life with Baby

For those of you who don’t know, Joshua William Kligerman arrived at 4:27am on February 13, 2007, weighing in at 6lb and 4oz, at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto.

24 & Work-Life Balance

A friend loaned me his DVDs of the TV series “24”, which I had never previously watched.


It seems like so long ago now, looking back to the long, lazy summer. Reading my frequent entries during those hot months, it brings back memories of all the time I had, and all the time I spent studying. The time since then has been nothing but chalk full; since moving to my new position at work there is no end to what needs attention. It is all good, though, and I can

Awards Dinner

Two of my team won

Change Window

One of the customers whose network I manage had a change scheduled for midnight last night.

Job Interview

On Friday I had a job interview; my first since I originally started my current job back in 1995, which has morphed its way through three companies, each having acquired the last.

Working Weekend

Work has been much busier than usual lately, and especially this weekend. There were several maintenance windows planned, which required more effort due to problems than expected. As a result, I haven


On Saturday night we went out for one of our friend’s birthday, and after dinner went bowling.


I’m trying to finish editing the few last chapters of a book I’ve been contributing to as an author and technical editor.