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Went to Katsura last night with Patrick and Kyoko for some fantastic sushi. I would rank it as the best I’ve had, although it’s hard to remember every place. A close second would be Lily, which is right up the street from us on Broadview, and a place we ate at in New York a couple years ago.

At Katsura, we sat at the sushi bar, and it was fascinating to watch the sushi chef (what is he actually called?) prepare each item meticulously. His attention to detail involved far more patience than I normally have while preparing food. I wonder if he is ever frustrated that it takes so much effort to create each piece, yet each is gobbled down in a matter of seconds.

The sushi chef was especially impressed when Patrick was able to read the Japanese characters on the dessert menu. He was also excellent at accomodating Merita’s dietary requests, and made several tasty suggestions including a cucumber spread and a hot tofu dish.

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