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Weblog as Autobiography

Reading The Globe and Mail, as I do most days, I came across an interesting column on the often-fascinating back page of the front section. The author, Daniel Johnson, was commenting on the evolution of the autobiography. You can read the column here, but the gist of it is that while in the past an autobiography consisted of letters written on a page at a static point in time, the innovations of modern technology, including computers, the Internet, and web logs, have transformed the autobiography into something much more dynamic. Authors of autobiographies can now keep up-to-date accounts of their lives, and include not only text but images, video clips, and even scans of other printed media.

Although I have toyed with weblogs in the past, the concept of weblog as autobiography never occured to me specifically. Keeping a live, multi-media autobiography is appealing; being able to browse through your life in the future and remember so vibrantly the details of the past is an exciting prospect.

So, thus begins my live, digial, multi-media autobiography.

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