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What I Learned in Israel

In February, I travelled to Israel as part of the Canada Israel Experience Birthright trip. The experience was more meaningful than I ever imagined it would be, and taught me many things.

Here are some of the most important things I learned:

1. I am Jewish.  More than any other time in my life, I now feel proud of who I am, and what my people stand for.  Israel instilled me with a sense of belonging, and a sense that I have a very extended family in Israel.  That family is there to  support me, and I am there to support them.

2. Six Million Jews died during the Holocaust, including 1.5 Million children.  Hitler tried to eliminate the Jewish people from existence, but failed.  There is a famous statement now that says, “Do not give Hitler postumous victories”.  This, to me, includes doing everything possible to support the Jewish people, and Israel.

3. People younger than I am are dedicating the prime years of their life to the Israeli army.  They are risking, and  sometimes giving their lives to ensure that the Jewish state continues to exist. This is important for many reasons, but including the fact that if anyone ever threatens the Jewish people again, we will have a homeland in which we can take a stand, and defend ourselves.

4. Israel, and the Jewish people, need all the support they can get. After seeing first hand the forces that threaten us as a people and as a state, I feel that the Jewish people worldwide, not just in Israel, must do their part to overcome the  challenges that lie ahead.

5. Israel is a beautiful, vibrant, richly cultured place unlike any other I have ever seen.  The energy flowing through the streets of the cities we visited was invigorating almost to an overwhelming level.  Words cannot describe Israel; you must go experience it for yourself.

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