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I’m trying to finish editing the few last chapters of a book I’ve been contributing to as an author and technical editor.  It’s boring stuff–about Check Point firewalls–but I’m almost done; just two more chapters out of 12 to go.

Picked up the last few gifts waiting for us at The Bay today.  I used a gift card to get some new shoes (my old ones had broken soles that resulted in slush getting through to my feet).  Shopping for shoes is definitely more fun than working; good thing it isn’t too busy at work these days since the holidays are coming.

Tommorow is my last day at work until the new year.  Looking forward to the time off, and then I hope to get back to studying for my CCIE in January.  My plan is to re-attempt the written exam at the Cisco Networkers conference in July (which I think is in New Orleans!), and then take the lab exam a couple months later.

Cookie’s Eye Update: The vet says it looks fine, and has scheduled the procedure to remove the internal bandage and open it up for (at least) a look on the 29th.

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