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Speech Writing

I am in the process of trying to write a kick-ass wedding speech.  It’s harder than it seems.  Of course I want it to be articulate, insightful, funny, and maybe a little tear-jerking.  But where to begin?  There are so many things I could speak about, but the hard part is forming all my thoughts into a coherent whole.  With less than two weeks until the big day, I don’t have much time to polish it into the masterpiece I would like.

One of my favourite shows, The West Wing, has always had excellent speech writing.  I has also always been impressed by the famous speeches of the past, offered by presidents and other important figures.  Maybe this contributes to my difficulty in getting this speech written: I’m holding myself to their standards.

I think the best approach is to get all the words out, and then worry about arranging and molding them into the final product.

Time to get busy!

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