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The Wedding

Our wedding was an unforgettable experience.  It went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

There are too many details to write about them all, but I’ll give a synopsis of the wedding weekend and the festivities leading up to it.  It will also not be possible to capture all the emotions involved in all of this, so I’ll stick mostly to the facts and leave the emotional details to the video.

Thursday night was my bachelor party, which was a blast.  My brother did a great job setting it up.  I recovered just in time for Friday night dinner at Randy & Jann’s place, sponsored by my Grandma.  Nice to see the out-of-towners and the rest of the family, and the food was great.  Saturday morning was the Auf Ruf, and the Rabbi had a lot of nice words for us.  Then Merita and I had separate parties Saturday night; her parents rented a hall where they had Albanian food and dancing, and my parents hosted a party at their house with more good food, conversation, and a guest appearance by Washington, billed as the world’s best Jazz pianist.

That brings us to the main event.  The day began for me when my brother picked me up, took me back to my parents’ where I put on my tuxedo, and then off we went in our stretch limo to pick up the bride.  We then headed to the hall, where we did pictures, pictures, and more pictures before the guests arrived.

Prior to the ceremony was the marriage contract signing ceremony, which was a powerful experience, full of significance.  The seriousness of the responsibilities we were about to undertake were clear.

The ceremony itself was like a scene out of a movie.  The air seemed to be charged with magic, and the bride was breathtaking as she marched down the isle.  Both Rabbis did a fantastic job, and made it a spiritual and moving experience to say the least.

The reception that followed was a whirlwind of speeches, dancing, eating, and greeting our guests.  The speeches were all exceptionally touching, and I may post at least some of them on-line.  Dancing highlights were the Hora at the beginning, the Albanian circle-dancing throughout, and our first dance.  One of the best things was to see members of each family participate so whole-heartedly in the festivities traditional to the other family.

Being such a long, significant, event-filled day, it is hard to believe it’s over.  Definitely the most significant and special time of my life so far.

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