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End of 2003

Today marks the last day of 2003, and it has been quite a year.  Most significant, of course, is that I was married this year.  It was also an all-around good year at home, at work, and personally.  Hard to think of all the specifics–that’s why I started documenting things on this site!

We went shopping today at the new Loblaws at Don Mills and Eglinton, which is huge.  It reminds me of Costco–in addition to all the normal groceries they offer clothing, home items, drug store stuff, wine, electronics, photofinishing, dry cleaning, and more.  It’s convenient to be able to do everything at one place, the food selection is great, and the prices are low.  And they have Krispe Kreme doghnuts made fresh.  OK, that ends the free advertising.

My brother came over this afternoon and we loaded up a spare laptop I have for him to take to Australia, when he leaves next month.  That way he can keep in touch with us via email, instant messaging, and video chats.

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