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Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day.  Although in the past Merita and I have gone through the typical gift exchange and romantic restaurant dinner routine, this year we felt it made sense to scale things down.  Aside from the cash crunch that comes with having to fork out a sizeable down payment on the house we will own in a few weeks, we felt that to put so much emphasis on expressing love on one specific day seems to say something not so good about the rest of the year.

That said, we felt there was nothing wrong with making the day special, but in a more down-to-earth way.  After our usual and satisfying trip to shul this morning, we spent a joyful but rare quiet afternoon reading our favourite pieces of the nicely substantial weekend Globe and Mail, the articles often acting as jump-off points for lively conversation; the kind of exchanges you can only have with someone you’ve been the closest to for years.

Tonight, take-out Greek food, a good movie and a nice bottle of Merlot will cap off what Valentine’s day should be: a day that need not involve any superficial, over-commercialized forced expression, but rather a reminder of all that you enjoy together daily, by spending the time doing some of the every-day things you appreciate most.

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