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My flight back to Toronto was delayed two hours because the Calgary airport had had a power outage the night before I left.  I spent the time in the Air Canada lounge, which includes a full office environment where you can work at a desk, get on-line, and make phone calls.

While I was brewing an especially good cup of coffee in the very fancy coffee maker, I turned to see Mike Harris, the former Premier of Ontario, waiting for me to finish so he could brew his own cup of java.  Later, Mr. Harris was sitting in a room next to where I was working, talking on his cell phone about dinner plans.

It was an odd experience to see a “famous” person (by Canadian standards) in an ordinary scenario, such as being delayed in an airport and waiting to make a cup of coffee.  Not sure why.

My flight was not delayed any further, so Mike and I parted ways, and I am now back in Toronto enjoying an abnormally spring-like weekend for the elongated end of February.

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