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Settling In

It’s been almost two weeks since we moved into the new place, and things are feeling much more comfortable and settled in.  All the furniture we brought with us from the old place is arranged, and we have added several new things: a couple of black leather chairs in the living room, a couple of storage units in the washroom, and a counter-top and shelving unit in the kitchen.  Things we are still looking for are a coffee and end tables for the living room, some more light fixtures, and dining and bedroom sets which our respective parents generously offered to buy for us.

Although the house has been taking up much of my spare time, I have also started an intensive Cisco course in preparation for the CCIE lab exam.  The class runs for six hours on Tuesday evenings, and on Thursdays and Fridays there is also physical access to the training centre for additional practice.  Given the difficulty of this certification, I intend to spend as much time there as possible, as well as studying at home.  If I expect to have a good chance at passing, I need to make sure I spend time on the material daily.

It is the Easter long-weekend (Merita even gets a fifth day off!), which should give us some time to finish a bunch of things around the house, and give me time to get some studying in, in addition to all the usual weekend fun.

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