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On Friday I had a job interview; my first since I originally started my current job back in 1995, which has morphed its way through three companies, each having acquired the last.  The interview was for a position within my current organization, but in contrast to the roles I’ve held in the past, this was for a purely managerial position.

The interview, a very nice and knowledgable guy, went through a brief history of his organization, and we then went through my experience and background.  Not surprisingly, my experience is somewhat lacking when it comes to management and the business end of things, which makes it unlikely I will make the cut, but I’m still glad I went through the process.

Although I am happy with my current role, which is mostly technical but involves some people and project management, a potential opportunity like this helped to open my eyes to what course I may want to take in the future.  I can’t say for sure whether I would want to permanently leave the technical ranks and enter “the management”, but what I have experienced and learned so far has given me enough motivation to start improving my knowledge and expertise on the leadership and business sides of the business, so that when the right opportunity arises, I’m able to take it.

As the interviewer put it, an important difference between a technical role and a management position is that with technology, there is an end-point: eventually you know all there is to know about any one topic.  But in management, which involves people, processes, and other intangibles like style and vision, there is no end-point: there is always more to learn, and new approaches to discover.

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