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We spent the afternoon and evening on Saturday in Stratford. The town is small but quite nice, with lots of little shops and restaurants. After eating a tasty caramel apple and some very tasty chocolate, we shopped around and bought a few pieces of art for our house, all at reasonable prices. Four small pictures for the kitchen are of fat French chefs, and one for the living room is a print of the hebrew blessing said when you are called up to the Torah. All add a nice touch of personality to the house.

In the evening we saw Macbeth, which was excellent.  Fittingly, it was stormy and pouring rain, and the theatre even lost power until just before the performance started.  Luckily it came back on, or they would have only performed the first act.  The performance was very well done; acting, music, lighting and the interpretation were all top notch.  Especially good was the actress who played Lady Macbeth, who apparently also played Regan in King Lear on broadway with Christopher Plummer.

During the intermission, a number of big American ladies sitting behind us started commenting loudly about how they couldn’t understand what was going on, and how much they were not enjoying the performance.  I can imagine how if you havn’t been exposed to Shakespeare before, it would be difficult to comprehend the play, but they showed no sense of embarrassment and found it just fine to let everyone know how little they could comprehend, as if the rest of the audience would for some reason agree with them.  Quite amusing.

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