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Friends’ Wedding

Yesterday was the wedding of two friends of ours.  I have known the groom since high school, and Merita has know the bride since childhood, so we were in the wedding party, and I was the best man.  The wedding was beautiful from start to finish.

We start off at 7am at the bride and groom’s houses, respectively, helping them to prepare.  We took lots of pictures and videos, then were off to the church for the ceremony.  It was the first time I’ve seen a Greek Orthodox ceremony (or anything Greek Orthodox), and I found the differences and similarities between it and our traditions to be interesting.

Then we spent a few hours at James Gardens taking more pictures; the park provided lots of scenic backdrops and was chalk-full of bridal parties.  The limo then took us to the banquet hall where we had the reception, which was full of food, dancing (I now sort-of know how to do the Greek circle-dance), speeches and, you guess it, more pictures.

After being out for nearly twenty ours, we got home and immediately passed out.  We’re very happy for our friends, who were the second to get married of our group of friends (we being the first), and wish them all the best.

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