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With the Canadian federal election coming up tommorow, I’ve been trying to figure out who to vote for.  This is an excerpt from an email exchange I’ve been having with a friend of mine, who lives in Thunder Bay, who is voting Green:

It’s great to know you’ve been able to get to know your local Green candidate.  I think that’s an advantage of living in a smaller place–with less people,  the candidates have more time for anyone who is interested in talking to them.  Mind you, I’ll bet the Green candidate in my area would do the same; I’ve only  seen one Green lawn sign here, although the rest are a fairly even mix of  Liberal and NDP, with a couple blues.

I definitely support the environmental ideas of the Green party.  Although in saying that I feel more than a little hyporitical, being someone who I’m sure uses at least the average amount of energy (which is a lot).  Always room for improvement, I guess.

I think the thing I find strange about the Green party is that they only seem to have ideas on that one issue–the environment–and nothing else.  Maybe I’m wrong, and their platform is more widely developed; I’ll have to check it out. But for me, I’d like to be able to vote for a party that has ideas on all aspects of what it takes to set policy in the country… although I guess that’s what makes it hard to agree with any of them!

My problem with the Liberals is the same as everyone’s: they’ve spent the past years stealing our money.  While I agree with their stand on a lot of issues, which is usually somewhere in the middle, they’re length of time in power has made them arrogant, which has led to so much waste, as you said.

My problem with the Conservatives is similar to yours: I don’t have any desire to increase military spending, and they do align with the Bush government in some respects.  I don’t think they are quite as evil as that, or as some of the media has made them out to be, and I do agree with some of their other ideas, although I’m not sure to what extent (Does smaller government mean  privitization?  Is privitization always bad?  Will tax cuts stimulate the economy or  result in program cuts?  And so on).

There is one issue I do agree and applaud the Conservaties on, and that is their stand on Israel.  The Librals have consistently failed to support Israel at the United Nations.  It is obviously a long and complex issue, and I believe both  sides have been at fault and both sides deserve better, but no matter which way you look at it suicide bombings that target civilians are acts of terror.  The  Conservatives emphatically support Israel’s right to exist, and to defend that right.

My problem with the NDP is that it’s easy for them to talk big when they know they’ll never form a government.  I don’t know that their ideas are all that realistic.  Sure, I’ll plant a vegetable garden on my roof if it’ll help the greater  good, but for some reason that doesn’t strike me as a vote-clincher.  Also, my local NDP candidate was previously the head of Greenpeace, and had some shady encounters with their union that has made him not so popular.  Otherwise, I probably would have gone with him.

So in the end, maybe Green is the way to go.  At least there is not much in their platform I can really take issue with.

I think my other problem is that I’m not sure where I stand on a lot of main election ideas.  Without really spending a lot of time and effort uncovering the complexities of each issue, I have trouble taking one side over the other.  Who has the time?  It already takes a serious commitment to understand the differences between the parties at a high level, let alone trying to become an expert on each topic.

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