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After a disappointing start to the summer weather-wise, it has been a wonderfully warm, sunny weekend.  I type this sitting in the back yard, as the dogs wrestle and run through the grass.  Yes, I love wireless networking; being able to work or study   outdoors makes it much more enjoyable.

Last weekend we were in Edmonton for a friend’s wedding.  It was a nice weekend away from the city, and the bride and groom’s families showed us great hospitality, with lots of especially good food.  Unfortunately, it poured rained pretty much the entire weekend, even causing some flooding on roads, but the weather did nothing to dampen the exuberant spirit of the simcha.

Wait a second: did I say dogs up there?  As in plural?  Yes, it’s true: we got a second one!  After much contemplation and discussion with other two-dog owners, we decided it was a good idea for several reasons, primarily for companionship (the dogs focus on each other instead of us, especially when we’re out), and because having two dogs is really no more work than having one.

The new guy is a three-month-old Shitzhu (same as Cookie, except male), black and white, and to continue the naming theme he is called Oreo.  We are in the process of house training him, which so far is going much more smoothly that it was for Cookie when she was a puppy.  Even in just a few days, the two dogs have bonded quite closely, and won’t leave each other alone.  My favourite is when they play, wrestle and run, and then collapse into deep sleep for hours.

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