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St. Lawrence Market

Toronto is home to one of the best 25 markets in the world (according to <a href=”http://foodandwine.com”>Food & Wine</a> magazine), the <a href=”http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/index.html”>St. Lawrence Market</a>.  On Saturdays, starting at 5am, there is a farmers’ market with a myriad of fresh food–and when I say fresh I mean minutes from the vine, recently been swimming, just finished its last swallow of hay fresh. And yes, if you’re a real food aficionado you will arrive soon after opening, to have your choice of the very best of the best.

The rest of the week, the south market is home to a slew of more permanent merchants, who also offer nothing but fresh, top quality goods.

<img src=”images/marketfood.jpg” height=200 width=250>

This morning we stopped by and picked up some wonderful recently-caught marlin steaks, home made sweet and smokey mustard, fresh kosher salt and black peppercorns, fresh dill, aromatic freshly roasted coffee, still-warm bagels and juicy peaches and strawberries.

Aside from the outstanding quality and significanly improved flavour of the market’s foods compared to those in your average supermarket, what I find most amazing is that in general the cost is no more than usual.  In some cases, because you’re buying in bulk and not in wasteful packaging, the cost is actually less.

Are you hungry yet?

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