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Cherry Beach

Since Oreo had his rabies vaccination last week, we’re free to take him out in public.  This is good, since he needs to be exposed to as many different environments, people and other dogs as possible so that he becomes properly socialized.  Lucky for us, the breeder he came from had a handful of other dogs and lots of people around, so he’s already doing quite well on the social front.

Today we tossed the dogs in the car and headed to Cherry Beach, which is a quick 10-15 minute drive from home.  There is a large off-leash area right at the beach, so the dogs can run and play both in and out of the water.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that in the summer the off-leash area is not in effect on weekends during the day, so instead we did some walking around, and met some other dogs and owners, all of whom were friendly and talkative.

Quite a few dog owners, either unaware of or unconcerned about the on-leash rule, had their dogs running free, and one large lab was repeatedly retrieving a stick his owner was throwing far out into the lake.  It was amazing to see how strong a swimmer he was; you can see him in the picture below, along with another dog who decided he wasn’t up to the challenge.

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