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Change Window

One of the customers whose network I manage had a change scheduled for midnight last night.  The change involved moving a pair of firewalls from one location to our data centre, and then reconfiguring the rest of their network to make everything work again.  I knew in advance it was going to be a difficult change because of the number of external connections involved, and the complexity of the network configuration.

After missing the completion deadline and overcoming a number of challenges, the change was completed successfully more than eight hours after it began, just after 8am this morning.  Phew!

Despite the continuous hours of work, extreme fatigue and overall high pressure involved in a change like this, I still enjoy doing it.  Completing a difficult job that takes a full night of concentration, frantic typing, frequent conference call updates and a little emergency cabling to boot may not sound like fun, but it leads to a complete sense of satisfaction when done right.

It also makes for a sleepy, disoriented Sunday–the weekend ends up feeling like one long day.  It should only take me four or five seconds to fall asleep tonight.

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