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Thinking Food

I’ve spent a lot of time studying for a Cisco exam lately. Being the good wife that she is, Merita decided to help the cause by prompty baked up a batch of lovely cheddar apple muffins.

I find it really helps to have good food to snack on while trying to shovel loads of information into your brain. In addition to the fresh-baked goodness above, I have also recently taken to making blueberry-strawberry-raspberry smoothies. Yes, I know, smoothies are girly. But I’m told that eating lots of berries can do nothing but good things for your health, and apparently blueberries are good for your memory. Not to mention these icy, tart, bursting-with-flavour blends are damn tasty, especially on a hot summer day.

So, I blended up the following creation, poured it down the hatch, and off I went and passed the exam.