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Third period, we’re up 3-2, they’re coming on strong.  Our left-winger makes an ill-advised blind drop-pass, easily picked up their six-foot-five right-winger, and suddenly a three-on-two begins.  I wheel around, take three or four frantic strides to build some speed, and spin around again to face the onslaught.  Skating backwards now, I try to position myself between their centre and right-winger, hoping to be able to take on whichever ends up receiving the pass.  It’s the centre, and the pass is a good one–received crisply with little momentum lost.  I slam on the breaks, put my arms up towards the crest of his jersey, and like trying to grind a speeding train to a halt, I make sure he cannot pass.

As the puck dribbles off his stick, their right-winger beats my defense partner to it, and has time for a quick shot from a good angle.  Our goalie is in position, makes the save, and the shift is  over.

While all this was going on last night, it occured to me that with my focus lately being on hitting the books, other areas have become less central, and have inevitably suffered.  When I was getting out on the ice three or even four times per week, my game surely must have been better.  Certainly it felt that way.  But that’s how things go–as times goes on, you cycle through different priorities, each one taking on the limelight for that period, and gaining the advantage of increased attention.  All other activities continue, but do not improve or advance; they remain in a holding pattern until your attention finds its way back.

I think my network studying is starting to pay off: the above seems just like the behaviour of a class-based weighted fair queue.  How’s that for nerdy?

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