Daniel Kligerman

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Cottage Life

With no set schedule, no commitments other than the lake and the paper, cottage life is the ultimate in unwinding and relaxation.  The natural beauty of the water, trees and horizon soothe the soul, and are in such stark contrast to the usual sights of the city that their effect never diminishes.

The cottage is truly a world unto itself, and it’s easy to understand why all of the prime cottage real estate close to the city has been snapped up, and resale prices are soaring.  In the ongoing balance between time and money, time of this quality rightly demands top dollar.

An environment as peaceful as this has the satisfying side-effect of allowing for more easily attained, more effective and longer-lasting focus.  The slower pace at which your eyes digest words on a page give your mind that extra moment it needs to add new depths of thought.  The end result is that just about anything seems within grasp, and it becomes impossible to understand how, or why, things might begin to speed up again, despite knowing that inevitably, you must return.

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