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Cisco sent me the result of my exam, and it was not a pass. I have asked them for a remark (which is allowed, but costs $250 unless they find an error that results in the mark being changed to a pass), mostly because of one sectcion in particular that I feel I tested, and was configured correctly, but came back with a low mark. I did quite well on the rest of the exam–even with this questionable section I was only a few percentage points away from passing.

Assuming the remark doesn’t succeed (and they usually don’t), I do want to take the exam again. I still feel that I am ready and able to pass it, and given the first-hand experience I now have, I should be able to brush up on the few things I wasn’t as comfortable with and do even better.

Overall, definitely a disappointing and surprising outcome, but I think it’s important to stay positive and use it as a good learning experience–just another step towards the end goal. As we say in hockey, through losing, the players on a team build character, and sometimes you can only win after growing stronger because of a loss.

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