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Awards Dinner

Two of my team won “pace setter” awards this year, which are handed out to people who have done a significantly good job at demonstrating our employer’s key values. Last night a dinner was held in honour of the Toronto-based award winners, and I attended as a guest. The venue was the extravagent Royal York hotel, with a stunning view from the 19th floor of people stuck in rush-hour traffic on the Gardiner Expressway.

The evening consisted of cocktails, dinner, the awards presentation and a speech by the attending Vice President; a fine evening. It’s great to see an employer go out of its way to recognize exceptional employees, especially when that employer is so large. My only complaint is that the recognition is inconsistent: some are constantly being recognized while others never hear anything, mostly because the people they happen to work with may or may not keep recognition in mind.

In case you’re wondering about the picture, it’s an Inukshuk, which is what was displayed on the trophies awarded. The idea is that the Inukshuk conveys the values we should strive to achieve.

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