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24 & Work-Life Balance

A friend loaned me his DVDs of the TV series “24”, which I had never previously watched.  I started with seasion one, and I must say it is quite an entertaining series.  I am now about half-way through season two, and am firmly hooked.  Season six is starting in a matter of days, which I plan to start recording on the PVR, and will hopefully catch up in time to watch it before the PVR fills up.

Having ten consecutive days off of work over the holidays has reset my sense of work-life balance, and the important of keeping that balance healthy.  Last week, I was successful at reducing my working hours, outside of the normal business day, to less than 2 hours per evening, and I don’t plan to do any work this weekend until later this evening.  This is a big improvement over the past few months, where I normally worked 4-6 hours per evening, and 6-8 hours per weekend.  It is important not to lose sight of the fact that working more hours does not mean getting more work done; limiting working time means you are forced to get the important work done, and filter out the less important.

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  sd wrote @

24 is great until you realize everyone walks around with a rain cloud hanging over their head … monsieur bauer is my vote for unluckiest person in a drama, after kenny from southpark.

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