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I’ve decided to get off the caffeine, completely.  On average, I have been drinking about a pot of black coffee per day, and while I know there are worse things for you, I’m no longer comfortable with having such a significant amount of a stimulant in my body, continuously.

Over the past few days, I’ve cut down to one cup of coffee in the morning, and no more; surprisingly, it hasn’t been difficult to stay away from further cups, and I’ve already felt a stabilization in my energy level throughout the rest of the day.  The consistent energy level is especially apparent in the mid-afternoon, when that sudden, drowsy dip in awakenness typically hits; without so much caffeine in my system, the severity of this dip is greatly diminished.

It is interesting to think that an estimated 90% of adults in North America drink caffeinated beverages regularly, given the effects that this substance has on our systems.  I wonder if eventually, there will be a health-related backlash against caffeine the same way that there has been against cigarettes in recent years.  Acknowledging that the impacts on health are are markedly different, this still would not be a bad thing.

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