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Alas, I have not found the time recently to post anything here.  Here is an update for you: We have just purchased a new house (new to us, not new in general), and will be moving on July 16 (which also happens to be my birthday–how about that?).  We managed to sell our current house in about a week, which is great, since keeping your house in a perfectly clean condition every day is very time consuming.

The timing of the move is well in advance of when our second bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive, which is late August or early September.  That should give us just enough time to unpack and get hold of a second crib before we give up sleeping again.

Things are otherwise good: Joshua is growing fast, and although is a little late perfecting his walking (due to being a little bit of a chicken), has better hand-eye coordination than I do, and is saying lots of words.  His favourite things to say right now are “hot”, which he seems to attribute to things both hot and cold, as well “up”, which he has found to be very useful in commanding us to remove him from high chairs, car seats, etc.


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