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Ted Cole, founder and director of Camp Walden for 35 years, passed away earlier this week, after losing a battle with leukaemia.  I spent many summers at Walden, and have many memories of that time.  What I associate most with Ted is the music of camp; nobody could lead a sing-along like Ted could.  To this day, those song are ingrained in my head–the words come to me easily, and the melodies evoke images of those long summers past.

One of my favourites, and one that Ted described as “One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs about growing up ever written”, is The Circle Game, by Joni Mitchell.  Good stuff.

How terrible to lose someone who was such a positive influence over so many generations of children.  His voice, though, sings on.

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  Add-Vantage Bookkeeping wrote @

Almost two years later – not a day goes by that Ted doesn`t pop into my head at some point – whether it is when I am considering a business decision, packing to go to the cottage and planning activities for the kids or listening to the Walden CD over and over and over again – my kids can`t get enough. Every once in a while I will crank up the volume when I just need to be surrounded by the one person I miss the most.

I worked with Ted for 12 years and Walden was my home away from home so much so that I got married at camp and Ted walked me down the aisle – I couldn`t have been happier. I have so many amazing memories of not only camp but also working side by side with Ted for so many years. What an amazing influence and he still is!

I miss Camp Walden. I miss Ted`s music. I miss Ted.

Kerri (Low) Bouffard

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