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Productivity on the go

Having switched from Blackberry to Android about six months ago, my mobile experience has become much richer and more extensive. But that only applies to consuming content; not to creating it. As much as you might argue that the mobile tools exist to produce written content, the limitations of a phone keyboard, and lack of things like drag and drop are too significant hurdles for me.

The wonderful Swiftkey keyboard predicts my next word quite well, which gets me to the point where I can write short emails, texts and tweets. But anything longer, such as a post like this, and my longing for a full 90 words per minute keyboard is too intense to keep writing.

The problem is that this limits my ability to write as much as I want to. I don’t carry my laptop with me everywhere. So I end up reading, listening and watching much more than writing. And I’d like to write more.

Solutions? Maybe a tablet with some sort of full external keyboard? Or a smaller laptop that I carry around more? I’m open to suggestions.

Own your on-line presence

I have always agreed that you should own and control your on-line presence, assuming you care about such things. So while there is no issue with using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you are giving up a significant amount of control and ownership if you use those sites as your only presence.

I have (sparsely) maintained a blog since 2001, and I just completed an update to it that includes moving it to my own domain name (kligerman.ca), and rejigging it to add links to all the other places I am active on-line. These changes make it feel much more like a real home for me on the web, and I think it will encourage me to share my thoughts more often. I also added a feed of the posts by others that I think are worth reading–oddly, I have been sharing such posts for years within Google Reader, but for some reason have never shared them elsewhere. I chose a theme with lots of columns, where the column with my posts is no larger than the others, because I think this accurately represents the importance (to me) of content from Twitter and from others, relative to my own. Sharing is just as important as producing.

Let me know what you think of the new setup. I look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve. It feels good to have a single place that aggregates me.


New gadget report: We have added a D-Link MediaLounge to our home theater.  It is a nifty little device that streams media from your PC, over your wireless LAN, to your TV, in high-definition.  It can also play media directly from a USB hard drive, which has come in handy as I have been working to get the wireless streaming working smoothly.

In other news, I have linked this blog to Facebook, via the WordPress application.  If, somehow, you have not yet heard of Facebook, you should really check it out; since opening up their platform to third-party applications, it has become the talk of the town in the social networking space.

Cisco Symposium

Cisco holds an annual technical symposium in Toronto, and I attended yesterday’s event. It was full of good technical information, with the expected level of Cisco marketing spin. Especially useful was a session on Quality of Service, which was a scaled down version of a nine-hour presentation given during this year’s Networkers in New Orleans. The presenter is coming out with a Cisco Press book on the subject, and his expertise and enthusiasm for his area was obvious. I came away with some good ideas.

Playing in the annual “Rust Remover” squash tournament this week, with a match per evening. Last night’s opponent dropped out though, so I advanced by default to the next round. Should be a tough one tonight; hopefully the drills will pay off.


Summer is officially over: last night we officially and momentously turned on the furnace. This morning the thermometer read a chilly six degrees (that’s celcius). Although the forecast shows some warmer days this week, it’s amazing how quickly we go from using the air conditioner to using the furnace in this city–about a two-week gap.

Enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, mostly consisting of watching some recorded shows from last week (John Stewart’s post-debate special was great), reading the paper, and starting From Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik, which came in from the library yesterday. So far it’s been an easy start, and has drawn me in quite quickly. Should be an interesting contrast of American and French culture.

Wireless Camera

My newest gadget is a wireless IP camera from Linksys (the WVC11B). It is relatively inexpensive, and its most useful feature is that it is self-sufficient–it doesn’t rely on a PC because of its built-in web server. The camera is setup in the living room, and allows us to keep an eye on the dogs and the house from any internet connection, such as from my desk at work. There is something comforting about being able to see what’s going on at home, not to mention the added security benefit. An additional nifty feature is the ability to set the camera to record only when it detects movement.

Merita is away today and tommorow at a team-building trip for teacher’s college, up at Lake St. George. Coincidentally, that’s the same place she went on a school trip back in high school.