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Liora Rose Kligerman was born on August 26, 2008, and is now almost four weeks old.  While the experience of having a newborn is familiar from just under two years ago with Joshua, it’s amazing how quickly you forget what it’s like: fussy and sleepless nights, seemingly continuous feeding, and the magic of seeing someone so new growing and developing so quickly.

Ted Cole

Ted Cole, founder and director of Camp Walden for 35 years, passed away earlier this week, after losing a battle with leukaemia.  I spent many summers at Walden, and have many memories of that time.  What I associate most with Ted is the music of camp; nobody could lead a sing-along like Ted could.  To this day, those song are ingrained in my head–the words come to me easily, and the melodies evoke images of those long summers past.

One of my favourites, and one that Ted described as “One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs about growing up ever written”, is The Circle Game, by Joni Mitchell.  Good stuff.

How terrible to lose someone who was such a positive influence over so many generations of children.  His voice, though, sings on.


Alas, I have not found the time recently to post anything here.  Here is an update for you: We have just purchased a new house (new to us, not new in general), and will be moving on July 16 (which also happens to be my birthday–how about that?).  We managed to sell our current house in about a week, which is great, since keeping your house in a perfectly clean condition every day is very time consuming.

The timing of the move is well in advance of when our second bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive, which is late August or early September.  That should give us just enough time to unpack and get hold of a second crib before we give up sleeping again.

Things are otherwise good: Joshua is growing fast, and although is a little late perfecting his walking (due to being a little bit of a chicken), has better hand-eye coordination than I do, and is saying lots of words.  His favourite things to say right now are “hot”, which he seems to attribute to things both hot and cold, as well “up”, which he has found to be very useful in commanding us to remove him from high chairs, car seats, etc.



I’ve decided to get off the caffeine, completely.  On average, I have been drinking about a pot of black coffee per day, and while I know there are worse things for you, I’m no longer comfortable with having such a significant amount of a stimulant in my body, continuously.

Over the past few days, I’ve cut down to one cup of coffee in the morning, and no more; surprisingly, it hasn’t been difficult to stay away from further cups, and I’ve already felt a stabilization in my energy level throughout the rest of the day.  The consistent energy level is especially apparent in the mid-afternoon, when that sudden, drowsy dip in awakenness typically hits; without so much caffeine in my system, the severity of this dip is greatly diminished.

It is interesting to think that an estimated 90% of adults in North America drink caffeinated beverages regularly, given the effects that this substance has on our systems.  I wonder if eventually, there will be a health-related backlash against caffeine the same way that there has been against cigarettes in recent years.  Acknowledging that the impacts on health are are markedly different, this still would not be a bad thing.


New gadget report: We have added a D-Link MediaLounge to our home theater.  It is a nifty little device that streams media from your PC, over your wireless LAN, to your TV, in high-definition.  It can also play media directly from a USB hard drive, which has come in handy as I have been working to get the wireless streaming working smoothly.

In other news, I have linked this blog to Facebook, via the WordPress application.  If, somehow, you have not yet heard of Facebook, you should really check it out; since opening up their platform to third-party applications, it has become the talk of the town in the social networking space.


A family friend was diagnosed with leukemia last fall, and passed away yesterday evening.  I can only try to imagine how difficult this must be for his wife, children, and the rest of his family.  He was one those very few people who was genuine, real, and ultimately good.  His loss is a loss to us all.

Since his diagnosis, I have been regularly donating blood.  One thing I found out from his experience was how very much donated blood is needed.  It is one of the few things we can all do to try and help; please do.

50lb of Fat

Last week we bought a new scale that also measures body fat composition.  My numbers were nice and even: weight of 200lb with 25% body fat.  Yes, that’s 50lb of fat!  According to the pamphlet that came with the scale, this is “high” for my age group; 11-14% is “excellent”, 14-19% is “good”, 19-24% is “moderate”, 24-29% is “high” and above 29% is “very high”.

My measurements weren’t too surprising, since I haven’t done any exercise, other than walking the dogs, since the baby was born, and have certainly had enough to eat.  Still, knowing the actual numbers, especially the body fat percentage, makes the fact that I have become quite out of shape nice and tangible.

Soon it’s time to get back to exercising, now that we’ve more or less adjusted to life with baby.  It’s time to start planning a hockey team for the fall, and perhaps dust off the bicycle in the garage.

Life with Baby

For those of you who don’t know, Joshua William Kligerman arrived at 4:27am on February 13, 2007, weighing in at 6lb and 4oz, at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto.  Delivery was long and difficult (long and difficult for mom and baby, just long for me), but ultimately a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Joshua is now three months old, and life with baby is just lovely.  Believe it or not, he has been sleeping quite well for about a month now, waking up only once or twice to feed, but going right back to sleep.  He has been growing and developing rapidly, as you would expect, and has recently begun making a variety of noises, as well as having discovered his hands this week.  Who knew that realizing you have hands could be so exhilarating?

As you can imagine, life has also been busy–hence the lack of new reports of my Walking the Earth.  To help fit in enough time to get work done while things are quiet, I have adjusted my schedule such that I now awaken at 5:30am (a time that was previously unquestionably reserved only for sleeping), allowing for a couple hours of work before, well, leaving for work.  So far I have found that working early in the morning is much more productive than working late in the evening; motivation, enthusiasm and clarity of thought are all enhanced, making it possible to complete work that is big and important, yet not necessarily urgent and in your face (email).

24 & Work-Life Balance

A friend loaned me his DVDs of the TV series “24”, which I had never previously watched.  I started with seasion one, and I must say it is quite an entertaining series.  I am now about half-way through season two, and am firmly hooked.  Season six is starting in a matter of days, which I plan to start recording on the PVR, and will hopefully catch up in time to watch it before the PVR fills up.

Having ten consecutive days off of work over the holidays has reset my sense of work-life balance, and the important of keeping that balance healthy.  Last week, I was successful at reducing my working hours, outside of the normal business day, to less than 2 hours per evening, and I don’t plan to do any work this weekend until later this evening.  This is a big improvement over the past few months, where I normally worked 4-6 hours per evening, and 6-8 hours per weekend.  It is important not to lose sight of the fact that working more hours does not mean getting more work done; limiting working time means you are forced to get the important work done, and filter out the less important.

Besa & Anthony’s Wedding

This past Saturday was Besa and Anthony’s wedding.  Merita and I were in the wedding party, and it was quite a weekend!  We started off with a gathering/dinner on Friday night that included piles of food, drink, not to mention accordian/drum playing and singing.  After a quick night’s sleep, we were back for wedding prep (for the women, mostly), and then off to the hall.  The ceremony was quite nice, and the dinner and reception were also a good time.  The bride and groom looked very happy, which is what is most important.  The next morning, they were off to Mexico for a week in the sun.

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